Tips on Preventing Neck and Shoulder Pain (and Having a Good Start to Your Day)

With incidences of neck pain on the rise, Dr Jonathan Kuttner has offered some advice to help people avoid shoulder and neck pain. 

A recent survey of a database of more than 6000 people revealed that muscle pain has wide ranging implications – not only physcially but emotionally. 

From the respondents (83% of whom had chronic muscle pain) 13% had severe neck and shoulder pain. The survey also revealed that a high proportion of people wanted to be able to self treat their muscles, and were looking for a better understanding of their condition. has released the following advice to help people manage their neck pain:

Stretch Every Day – stretching relieves tension in your muscles, eliminating one of the main causes of neck pain. This neck stretch techniuqe uses breathing, eye movements and mind/body interaction. 

Check Your Posture – one of the main causes of shoulder and neck pain is poor posture. With hours in front of the computer increasing, it is vital to ensure that your sitting position is not causing your neck muscles go to into spasm. 

Find out if you have Trigger Points – these are micro-spasms in your muscles – often caused up by poor posture or injury. They’re a little known cause of recurring muscle pain and treating them can provide neck pain relief. 

Manage Stress – many people hold tension in their shoulders. Take time out in the day to relax, breathe and correct your posture. Closely related to holding tension is stress breathing – using secondary respiration muscles instead of you diaphragm to breathe. This can set of a pattern of tension in your neck and shoulders – which then creates pain, stress and more tension. 

A daily stretch to relieve neck and shoulder pain is included on – as well as other tools and techniques to promote pain free living. 


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