Chronic Pain – 42 Percent of Sufferers Feel They’re Not Believed

A new study has been done on more than 2,000 chronic pain sufferers across Europe. The study found that 42 per cent of those in pain think others, including employers and peers, don’t believe their pain exists & they are using pain as an excuse not to work. 

There were also 100 GPs surveyed in Ireland. Less than half of them  were confident they would know what to do if a patient still complained of pain after treatment. 

This study illustrates the difficulty of understanding pain – both for people in pain and for medical professionals. Pain is subjective – there is no scientific way to measure it.  In fact, as we continue to study how our brains interpret pain messages, the problem of pain becomes more complex, and more intertwined with psychology. 

Chronic pain management has become a speciality in itself, with successful pain management demanding a mixture of physical therapy, medical intervention and mindset training. 

Head on over to to find out more about  Pain Management and how our brains percieve and interpret pain.

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