Chronic Back Pain – How to Relieve Back Pain and Get a Good Night’s Rest

‘When it comes to coping with back pain, Dr Sally Venn, of the Welsh Backs campaign, said the most important thing is to stay active.

“Staying active means different things to different people, but the simple message is carry on as you normally would,” she said.

“Don’t be afraid to walk the dog, walk to work, or go for a swim, even if it hurts.“It’s the best thing you can do to speed your recovery.

“Just because you’re in pain, it doesn’t mean that you are doing permanent damage.“It’s OK to take over the counter pain killers to help you to carry on as normal and speed your recovery.” ‘ (


This is a vital concept in pain management. Once you get even a small amount of exercise, your body starts to produce endorphins – the natural painkillers of your body. This is often enough to get you a good nights sleep. And once you sleep well, you’ll have more energy in the day, so you can exercise a little more, so you’ll again produce natural pain relief, so you’ll once again rest properly at night. 

This positive cycle can start to reverse the negative spiral the people with chronic back pain often find themselves in. To find out more about this cycle, go to here:  Chronic Myofascial and Trigger Point Pain


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