Skating for Olympic Gold, Surgery and Myofascial Triggers

Olympic gold medallist figure skater Tessa Virtue underwent surgery this October for Compartment Syndrome. Compartment syndrome is a serious condition that is particularly devastating for athletes. It caused Tessa daily pain – despite which she and her partner Scott Moir realized their dreams for Olympic gold in Vancouver this February.

 Compartment Syndrome cuts the blood supply to the muscle, starving it of oxygen and causing acute pain and muscle damage. Surgery is the correct treatment for this condition. However, Comparment Syndrome can sometimes be confused with another health problem – Myofascial Trigger Points. And in this case, surgery will not help the pain. 

In this Trigger Point Case Study  a young hockey player manages to avoid surgery by correct diagnosis of her calf muscle pain. She was able to get back into pain free hockey within several weeks – without surgery.

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