Scoliosis – What Does it Really Mean for Back Pain?

There’s an interesting connection between scoliosis and back pain – and it’s not what most people think. Watch the video on this article to find out more:

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Not so Healthy Health Foods

Here’s a link to an interesting article on ‘health foods’ and why what’s thought of as healthy often isn’t.

Once again, the old time tested advice of – eat real food, not too much, and pretty of fruit and veges – holds true.

Really, it’s hard to improve on mother nature, and often what we humans try to do fall far short.


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It’s Not Just What You Eat…..

There’s another big factor that can make a huge difference to how you feel – especially if you have chronic pain and fatigue. 

There some simple things you can do to improve your energy levels – and stop the dips and swings that might get your reaching for that cup of (inflammatory) coffee with two sugars. 

Here’s the video.

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The Science Behind a Diet to Reduce Chronic Pain

I think it’s important to understand how inflammation works. Eating a low inflammation diet can certainly help reduce chronic pain – and trigger points. 

However, once you understand that science behind this, then you’ll be able to choose foods that reduce inflammation – and see which of the diets on the market really makes sense for you.

Here’s the video.

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Thanksgiving – the link between healing, suffering and gratitude

I originally sent this out to my readers on thanksgiving day – it seemed an appropriate time to spread this message. 

I got so many amazing responses that I decided to share it on my site. 

Here’s the link.

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Esther Gokhale – 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back

This interview is with best selling author Esther Gokhale. Esther has a unique view on posture as a product of our culture. 

This makes a lot of sense if you look at how back pain has increased dramatically over the last few decades – mainly in industrialised countries. 

In this interview Esther describes her own quest to cure her back pain – and how she travelled the world – studying many cultures – until she found a solution. 

Here’s the link to the interview.

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The No 1 Posture Mistake that Causes Trigger Points

Many people make some classic posture mistakes when they ‘stand up straight’ – and put too much tension in the wrong places.

The thing is, posture isn’t just about standing straight. It’s how you move, how you sit, drive, do daily activities. And good posture creates ease of movement, flow. You look good, you feel great, and you’re not creating unnecessary tensions that lead to muscle pain.

This video shows you how to correct the most common posture mistakes – and have effortless good posture that relieves shoulder and neck pain.

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